" ... And do not kill yourselves (nor kill one another). Surely, Allah is Most Merciful to you. "
The Noble Qur'an - An-Nisa 4:29

The Ever Evolving Jihad
We are currently searching for a number of people willing to commit some time and act as session musicians for a number of albums in different styles. One of these will be for the next Keltic Jihad album, which is intended as a return to the heavier and more complex elements of our sound. We would like to hear primarily from guitarists and singers, though other musicians are equally welcome. Get in touch via the contacts page and let us know. Ideally, we want to hear recordings of you performing in a similar style, but we will always view these things on the basis of potential.
A Temporary Hiatus
Since the dissolution of the last live line-up, Rod has found himself busy with his other band commitments and Kev is currently working away from home. This has meant that we have effectively been on a temporary hiatus from the live band - but the writing process has continued. In fact, we now have seven songs ready to go for a new Keltic Jihad album, which we're calling "Indoctrinate" which should be finished this year. We also found that we had written an album worth of Progressive metal, which we will be releasing under a different band name.

Immaculate Perception
The second and latest album from Keltic Jihad, written by members of both of our live lineups. It builds on the progressive thrash foundations that were laid down on the previous album, The End of Empires, but leans more towards the melodic elements of its predecessor.

Band founder and principal songwriter Kev McCarthy is joined once again by his long time musical collaborator Rod Boston, with Leilani Mason returning on vocals. Taking the vacant drum stool is Chris Pinkett of Cacodaemonic, who adds his thundering rhythms to the mix. New guitarist Dylan Raine completes the lineup, with his blues based stylings helping to round out the latest iteration of our musical journey.
Word to the Wise
Unfortunately, the current nature of amateur music is such that it is financially difficult to keep a band on the road, recording and moving forward (in fact, even some professional acts fall foul of this hurdle). As finances become more and more squeezed, it became obvious that an infusion of cash was required to keep the name alive.

So, to this end, Kev has elected to return to IT contracting for a while. As a result, the members of the live band are moving in their own separate directions. Both Kev and Rod hope that this brings a level of success equal to the effort they display. We are sure that they will continue to write and perform with the same dedication and drive that they have shown with us.